Lesson Two: Dismantling Bias and Fostering Equity

The purpose of this lesson is for participants to deepen their understanding of bias and stigma related to sexual orientation, gender identity, and gender expression (SOGIE); to learn about intersectionality; to learn how to identify their own bias; and to identify how both stigma and bias affect the well-being of youth in the juvenile justice system.

Lesson Two

Lesson Two Handouts


OBJECTIVES Participants will:

• Identify and assess their own beliefs, values, and assumptions in relation to SOGIE

• Increase their knowledge of different types of bias, including overt, internal, and unconscious or hidden bias

• Increase their knowledge of different types of biphobia, homophobia, and transphobia, and of how these phobias manifest institutionally, interpersonally, and internally

• Learn about and discuss the stigma experienced by youth with multiple marginalized identities in the juvenile justice system

• Learn how to interact with all youth in a welcoming, respectful, and non-judgmental manner • Identify the possible impact of stigma on positive and healthy adolescent development

• Increase their ability to respond effectively to incidents of bias

• Develop tools and strategies to create a positive environment for youth

• Explore the difference between reacting to behavior and reacting to status or identity