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The Equity Project

What's an Equitable Business? 

Sun and Earth, a manufacturer of natural household cleaners in Norristown, PA, is an example of an Equitable Business. The company’s minimum wage is a living wage (currently $7.90/hour). During the next fiscal year, profit sharing will mean that the ten largely Hispanic-American production line employees will receive periodic bonuses and other additions totaling about $800. And since the line employees own 10% of the company, if the owners vote to sell, each employee will take home about $20,000 . While no company is perfect, in this Equitable Business all stakeholders work together because their incentives are consistent;

  • investors win, because the company is growing;
  • the employees win, through a living wage, profit sharing and ownership;
  • management wins, because they too have an ownership stake in the company;
  • the company wins, because studies show that companies are more profitable when the interests of management and labor work are aligned as owners;
  • the community wins, because the employees are earning enough to buy houses and spend locally; and
  • government wins, because the taxes, jobs and wealth generated remain local.

There are hundreds of other Equitable Businesses nationally that provide similar benefits. We want to see hundreds of thousands more.